Booking 13, Castello

From Our Visitors Book

"Each morning I rush to the bedroom window, drape myself over the sill, and must pinch myself to make sure I am actually awake..."

Molly R. – Vermont, USA

"The fragrance of chestnut wood burning in the fireplace and the gentle tolling of old tower bells: fond memories..."

Robert P. – Toronto, Canada

"Another wonderful two weeks in Castello. We feel really at home here..."

Richard A. – Yorkshire, England

"The beautiful walled city of Lucca, its architecture and serene colour. Evenings at home in Castello listening to the church bells and village life far below in the valley..."

Derek R. – British Columbia, Canada

"Walnuts, pomegranates, cyclamen; rabbit roasted with rosemary and sage and fried porcini mushrooms and chestnuts from the woods..."

Tim C. – Bucks, England

"We thought our view in the Lake District was pretty good: but this one takes some beating...!"

David M. – Cumbria, England

"I find it profoundly meaningful that our 19 month old son learned, and spoke for the first time, the words: View; Church; and Bell; all from your terrazza. I am also not ashamed to admit that my wife and I polished off no fewer than eleven bottles of lovely Tuscan reds whilst here for a week..."

Jake B. – Lisbon, Portugal

"We never tired of watching the sun go down behind those fantastic peaks, and the light gradually fading in the valley below. What an utterly beautiful house..."

Philip R. – Canberra, Australia

"We have been truly enchanted by Castello and could not have wished for a more romantic honeymoon. I have learnt what a fine cook I have just married...!"

Kerri M. – England

"What better place to sip my liqueur and read Conrad and Flaubert, while Judith paints..."

Nigel P. – Abingdon, England

"Was it the scent of wild mint after the rain? Or having our head in the clouds and our feet set for either up or down? Or even the resident bathroom mosquito: fond of a bit of cheek? Or was it just the God-given awesome wonder of it all..."

Meredith M. – Scotland

"Here every day is a Sunday. There was the rainy Sunday when we lit a fire and read a cosy book. And the sunny Sunday when we snoozed in shirtsleeves on the terrace. And the Sunday walk through the chestnut woods to Guzzanello and that never ending meal. And then it was Monday and time to leave..."

Gillian N. – Henley, England

"Thank you for your hospitality. One of the highlights of the week was dinner and jazz at 'Le Castagne': superb food, company and music. I have little recollection of driving back to Castello — but apparently I did..."

Mark W. – Switzerland

"Visitors' books are often so formal. But this one has become a collection of contented burbling from visitors from around the globe. We add our own voices..."

John G. – South Africa

"A special thank you for the notes on drives, walks, restaurants, etc. – though the kids loved the house and village so much that they didn't want to come sightseeing with us anyway! And watching the fireflies in the evening..."

Tina W. – Australia

"The chill of Melbourne's winter seems a million miles away. Bike-riding around the walls of Lucca a special highlight. A week wasn't long enough..."

Philip G. – Australia

"A fine place to visit when you're seven and a half months pregnant..."

Stephanie L. – England

"Another wonderful holiday; our fifth visit. Specially enjoyed the Puccini opera at Torre del Lago..."

Meredith M. – Spain

"Irina, the village dog came on all our walks and showed us the way to lunch on Sunday. Sat under our table while we ate and then showed us the way home..."

Margaret C. – Rutland, England

"In the words of our 6 year old, we have had a 'cracking' fortnight..."

Andrew D. – England

"Paradise found amongst the bucolic tableaux of Castello. Quality of life in abundance here: what a shame to have to return to modern reality..."

Chris R. – London, England

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